Spring baby fashion

Spring baby fashion

Spring is officially here in Georgia.  We’re *fingers crossed* out of our freezing overnight temps and settling in to a daily normal of warm weather.

I have to admit that I’m a bit obsessed with little girl fashion now that Kennedy is here.  It’s just so much fun putting her in different outfits and admiring how dang cute she.  Spring & Summer clothes are becoming my favorite because they show off her chunky arms and legs.  I can’t get enough of her squishiness!


I’m not picky about where I get Kennedy’s clothes from, but I have to admit that it’s rare for me to walk in to a baby GAP and not find a few things I *must have* for her.  I’ve become a pro at waiting for the 40% sale items at the GAP & have gotten several things for a better deal than items I’ve found at consignment sales with their cheap unique baby clothes at a discount!

Speaking of consignment sales–this is a whole new world to me.  Do you even realize that these massive sales exist?  That they have tons of gently worn clothing, shoes, toys, strollers, furniture…I mean everything you could possible need?! I didn’t know anything about them until someone mentioned trying to find a jumparoo there.  My friend Cami & I have been to 2 in the past month and will probably hit up a couple more before the end of the spring consignment season (they typically occur twice a year — spring and fall). Consignment Mommies is the website I use to find consignment sales near me.  They have sales listed all across the country.

As I was saying, I’m not picky about where I shop for Kennedy, but other than hand-me-downs and consignment shops, I’ll get most of Kennedy’s clothes from the GAP, Old Navy, H&M, and occasionally Crazy 8.

krm springAm I the only mom who is obsessed with rompers for their little girl?  I’m pretty sure that’s all Kennedy will be wearing this summer and maybe a cap after reading their product details.  I kinda wish I was a little girl again so I could wear all the cute rompers that are in stores right now.



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