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Stairway Picture Wall

taped paper on wall 2


I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll mention it again—-I am NOT good with details.  I see big picture-like the colors of the walls, the shapes of the room, but accessorizing???  No way.  It scares me to death.

Enter my mom.

I enlisted her to help me put some frames on my stairway wall.  I hit up Ikea earlier this week and snagged 11 frames for less than $40!  Oh yeah!

I originally started with the pictures I had and tried to find frames, but I not so quickly  eventually realized it’s much easier to start with the frames, then find the pictures to go in them…so that’s what we did.

We started off by practicing on the floor: (PS-Those sub-floors won’t be naked for much longer….I picked up 37 boxes of beautiful floors on Friday!)

Once we had the general idea of which frames would go where we traced the frames on to some paper and cut them out as temporary holding places on the wall.

This is how it started.  In a very straight, organized, diagonal line.  I called Alex to give me his opinion on it and he changed it around a little bit.  I like it even better after he did.

I know that this is just the beginning of what the wall will be someday.  It may still look a little bare, but I will be able to add things to it over time.

 The walls aren’t naked anymore!!!!  Woohoooooo!!!   And doesn’t Abby look so dang cute just sitting up there?  I wish she’d sit perfectly still for all of my pictures:)

Yes, some of the frames are still empty, but that will be fixed soon enough.  The port-hole mirror and brass key were finds from Queen of Hearts Antique’s a couple of weeks ago.  I can’t wait to add more and more details as time goes by.

I created some of my own graphics on photoshop that are unique to me and/or Alex.  Some were Pinterest inspired, but most were just unique to us.  Here are the ones I used for the stairway.



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