On the verge of a completed LEVEL

January 31, 2013 — 11 Comments

First and foremost, did you see that Young House Love featured my kitchen on a Reader Redesign post?!  Uhhh…and John called my kitchen “killer”.  We can be friends now. Anyways, that was such a huge compliment and all of their readers have been super sweet with their comments.  I was slightly worried I’d get some of the nasty brave-behind-their-keyboards mean girls commenting, but there’s been none of that. Phew! I’m a newby at this blog thing and probably don’t have the thick skin that experienced bloggers do.  So thanks again, John & Sherry! :)


Soon enough I can call our downstairs FINISHED!  Well, not really…I don’t ever feel finished, even when a room is all put together.  BUT, what I mean is that we’re getting floors put in the rest of the downstairs on Monday!  That will be the last big-ticket item for the downstairs.

Some people have asked why I’m ripping out existing floors to put new ones in. The short answer is that I don’t want 5 different types of flooring in 5 different rooms that are all attached to one another.  This video may give you a better glimpse in to what I mean–you can see the funkiness of the 5 different floors.

[My loving husband just informed me that I broke the cardinal rule by not turning my phone horizontal to film the floors.  I apologize to all those I offended by sharing a vertical video ;-) I've learned my lesson and it will not happen again!]

We bought some beautiful hardwoods at Floor & Decor last week for $3.49/sqft…and I completely forgot to get a picture!!  Oops. They are Chinese Wormy Cherry–wormy–as in the tree had worms so there are worm-shaped grooves in the wood. Sounds weird; looks awesome.

If all goes as planned then I’ll be able to have a reveal post of the new floors sometime next week!!

11 responses to On the verge of a completed LEVEL

  1. Hi Emily, I found my way to your blog from Young House Love. I love your kitchen. When I saw that your living room had been used for an HGTV pilot I was wondering which one. Then when I clicked over and saw the reveal photos. I was like hey I’ve seen that room before. I’ve read all about it on The Lettered Cottage. Its so cool that I have been lead back to your blog and now I get to see all the great decorating you and your husband are doing.

  2. Hi Emily, I’d love to follow your blog but I don’t see a spot to sign up for it. Thanks, sue

  3. Love the whole redo. Are those the Ferle curtains from Ikea?

  4. I am in love with your kitchen and your blog is charming. I’ll be checking in!


  5. Hi! I found your blog through Young House Love. Love your kitchen btw! But after clicking around and reading some of your other posts, I came across your living room makeover done by Kevin and Layla. I’ve been reading their blog for quite a while now and I actually remember them posting about your living room makeover. How funny! I love how you followed your heart though and painted the walls black afterwards. it looks great! Anyway, my names Jaime and I’m your newest follower! Nice to meet ya! :)

  6. Hi! Saw your reader redesign at YHL! Your kitchen is amazing! I love your style! I also love the hardware on your cabinets, are they a vintage brass? Where did you get them?

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