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North Harbor Modern Lake House

We started with a main floor that had a very chunky layout.  It felt like a maze walking through dark, narrow hallways, and the kitchen consisted of one small wall of cabinetry and an island.  Storage was lacking and the view of the lake outside of the bay window was being completely ignored.

Moving the sink to the bay window turned the house’s focus to the lake outside.  I enlarged & shifted the opening to center on the living room to make the house feel more open and to allow more light in.  By bringing the wall to the left of the sink forward some I was able to create a dedicated dining space attached to the living room.

It took some convincing on my behalf to get my client to agree to the black on black island and he loved it.  It grounds the kitchen and I love the grain of the oak peaking through the paint.

I chose to close off the closet pantry and make it an outdoor storage closet for all of my client’s sporting equipment. The door you see to the far right in the photo above was moved down some to create a new opening from the garage to the new mudroom.

The living room kept mostly the same layout, but we modernized the stairs, moved the front door to the center of the house and created a small entryway. I kept the stone fireplace as-is except for removing the mantle and the crown moulding. 

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