Dining Room, Our First Home,

Learning to paint

I’ve been painting since yesterday afternoon. It’s only a 12×12 room. Why is it taking me so long? My dining room was (of course) covered in wall paper, then I took it down only to find another layer behind it. Foolishly, I tackled the 2nd layer on one wall before learning that it was a very, very bad idea. I stopped with the one wall and just removed the top layer off the other 2 walls. The previous owners primed over the deepest layer of wallpaper, so why I tried to remove that too, I have no idea.

Anyways, the one super-damaged wall made me want to absolutely quit and hire someone to do it. Oh wait, I don’t have the moolah to hire someone…shoot. Thanks to youtube and Home Depot, I had the gist of what I was supposed to do to repair torn sheet rock (learn more here on the materials). Most tutorials only talk about a small patch to be repaired….ummmm…what about an entire wall? Well, I went after it anyways. I applied one coat, sanded it down 3 WEEKS LATER (I got a little distracted with moving and tv crew and such), then applied a second coat to the still uneven areas.

Spackling pro!

WARNING: sanding spackle causes A LOT of dust. Make sure you hang sheets to keep the room isolated!

The wall is the best I can get it, which doesn’t say a lot.  I finally just decided to prime and paint it, then if it is still noticeably uneven I’ll either hang a lot of picture frames, or put up a really nice wallpaper as an accent wall-gasp! Did I just say wallpaper?  Eek!

When the HGTV crew left they left some different paints and stains in our basement.  They were either what was left of what they used or colors that they decided not to use.  I browsed around and found 2 pints of a beautiful light grey/green and decided that it was perfect for the dining room!  
Way to help us out again, Layla & Kevin!

A fresh coat of white went on the trim and paneling.

And now I’m just waiting for the primer and edging to dry so I can continue on!

Time for a break….see ya!

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