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Kitchen Appliances–HELLO IKEA!!!


I am ecstatic right now!  Seriously, I’ve been stalking Ikea’s website for months waiting for a kitchen sale to pop up.  I read some Ikea message boards that said they usually have a kitchen sale between March and May every year.  Well, March 2nd the sale was announced!!!

Here’s the deal:

SPEND $3500 or more SAVE 10%

SPEND $4500 or more SAVE 20%

The appliances in our kitchen are original to the house.  That means they’re from 1987. They at least work, but they just don’t work efficiently AT ALL.

I browsed appliances all over.  I’ve always wanted a beautiful Wolf range, but let’s face it, that’s WAY out of our price range.

I was at Ikea one day and saw a beautiful range that had the look I was going for.  I researched Ikea appliances and read many reviews.  To my surprise, most of the reviews were wonderful!  The appliances are actually Whirlpool appliances with Ikea’s design.  So my mind was made up and I just waited and waited for a sale to come along.

The sale ends at the end of April, so we’ll purchase the appliances by then.  It may be a couple more months before we actually tackle the kitchen though.  We’ve got to save the moolah for that one!

Without further ado, here are the pieces that we’ll be making a part of our home soon enough!

The built in microwave oven: The built in wall oven:

The BEAUTIFUL gas range with convection oven (oh yes, that means I’ll have TWO ovens!):

The hood for over the range:


Lastly, the dishwasher:

All of these pieces together total $4,645.  Even at that price, it’s a great deal for what you get…especially when you compare them to other Whirlpool products.  BUT, we’re so not paying full price!

With the 20% discount for spending over $4,500 (just barely!) our total will come to $3,716 + tax!!!  That’s a $926 SAVINGS!!!  Seriously, how awesome is that?  I’m so excited and can’t wait to get my hands on these!

It is my goal, that by the end of this year, we will have a completed kitchen.

*fingers crossed*


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