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One lesson I continue to learn in home renovations is that it always costs more than I think it will.

With that being said, when we decided to do our master bath renovation we figured we could just get the guest bath done as well since it wouldn’t be as much of an overhaul as the master.

Unfortunately, despite our savings plan, the costs ended up being more than we saved so I decided for the guest bath to only have the contractor do the jobs that we couldn’t eventually do ourselves:  floor leveling and tiling, new tub & plumbing, tile surrounding tub.  That left us with ugly wallpaper & a dated vanity with an ugly countertop.

Here are some true BEFORE pictures:




This isn’t just an “it looks bad; we need to change it” thing.  There was a plumbing problem behind the wall of the shower that caused constant dripping of the bath faucet, which in turn caused rust on the fixtures & constant mold.  The vanity countertop is a manufactured “marble” that’s yellow/gold with rust stains as well.  I think the faucet is actually rusted in place.

 I purchased a new sink, faucet, and vanity light LAST JUNE & they’re just sitting in the attic in their pretty unopened boxes.  The only thing I need to buy is a new countertop for the vanity, then I can install the new vessel sink and faucet. I really want a stone countertop–preferably carrera. That little bit of elegance of using carrera can go a long way in such a small space.  I plan on giving the vanity a facelift with some paint rather than purchasing a new one.  It’s actually already primed I just need to decide on a color.

I really should set a deadline for this so it’s not a year from now when it gets done.  But that’s real life and sometimes things just take time.

Here’s the room as of today:  image_2

I may have mentioned that I was going to paint over the wallpaper in this room.  Obviously I’m not.

The wallpaper was already pealing in some places so I got an itch one day and just started pealing.

Stupid itch.

Just like every other wall in this house, there were 2 layers of wallpaper & unlike other rooms, the former owners primed over the original layer of wallpaper like you’re supposed to….but unfortunately that makes it stupid hard for me to get off.  Or maybe I’m the stupid one for even picking away at it in the first place.

ANYWAYS, once I started there was no going back.  So here I am down to sheetrock in most places with a lot of damage to repair before I can paint.  I know that prepping the walls is the most important step, but it’s so hard to not want to rush things and just paint.  Patience, young one….or should I say almost 30-year old one?!

Now that the nursery is completed, this bathroom will have my full attention.  I’m being very intentional about starting and finishing one room before moving on to another right now–something that’s against my nature.

Here are my inspiration pictures for what I may do in the room:










Nursery Re-do Reveal

April 22, 2014 — 4 Comments

If you’re new here or missed why the title of the post says “re-do” check out this post.

Kennedy is 5 months old and she finally has a nursery that is completed!  She loves it…she told me so.  I spent a lot of time taking pictures, so I don’t have much time to write.  I know, I know–you’re devastated by that. But, the next best thing to my long-winded self is telling the story in pictures.

Here you go…way more pictures of the nursery than necessary, but I couldn’t choose just a few.






2  4


6   9






15  17





Okay, so obviously I’m getting ahead of myself here, but as Alex and I start to think about Kennedy rolling around, then crawling soon, then getting to the point where she can independently play, we realize that we need a kid-friendly play space. Our house doesn’t really have an ideal space for a playroom, so for now, our living room has its own kid’s corner.

via Comfree Alberta

Similar to the space above, I’ve created a play area in the corner of our living room using foam squares.  I scored them at a consignment sale a while back but didn’t realize I’d be using them so soon.


I’ve always (pre-kids obviously) been anti-kid stuff in our living room.  “All of the neon & noisy toys can stay in her room,” I’d say.  But as Kennedy has been rolling over some and bouncing in her bouncer I knew that I needed another solution.  Even if it’s just temporary, she needs a space that’s soft underneath her to jump and roll on.


I am 100% glad that we did this.  It may not be the most attractive look, but for my little girl to get so much joy out of her play mat, it’s worth every neon square.Once Kennedy is older we’ll hopefully have a better space OUTSIDE of the living room that will be a true playroom.

While browsing inspiration pics, these caught my eye:

via Leighton Design

The giant apple print is my favorite part of the room. A close second are the bright ikat roman shades.  I’d go with white walls and more blues & greens, but it’s good inspiration.

Can you say boy’s playroom?  This gives me the slightest bit of desire to finish our basement.  Okay, maybe not.

via Eisner Design

These people did a great job with a long, skinny room.  Gotta use what ya got!