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Office Mood Board

February 14, 2013 — 2 Comments

Remember a while back when I wanted to do a Mad Men themed office for Alex? As much as I still drool over mid century rooms, now that the office is in our dining room and not behind closed doors, it just wouldn’t flow with the rest of the house.  SO, here’s the new mood board for what I’m thinking.

mood board

Light. Chairs. Desk from craigslist. Rug. Curtains.

The only thing I need to get is art or photos for the frames.  Oh, and the frames. I found some beautiful botanical prints you can download for free from Honey & Fitz, but I’m not so sure they’ll work in the masculine office. I’d love a bunch of black and white architectural sketches, but I’ll just keep my eye out for some prints at a good deal.

I hope this weekend will be productive around the house…buuuuut Alex and I are both sick.  On Valentine’s Day.  It’s a pretty scary site.  We may or may not have had blue box mac n cheese and ginger ale for our romantic vday date. Sexy sexy. Speaking of sexy, you should hear my sexy man voice I have going on right now.  I know, it’s hot.


Eyelet curtains??

February 13, 2013 — 12 Comments

For some reason I’ve always had an aversion for eyelet curtain rings.  You know, the curtains that have the wide curtain rod rings that are made in to the curtains? Some call them grommets?  Anyways,  I recently bought some curtains for Alex’s office that I hope to get put up this weekend and I LOVE everything about them…except that they are eyelet.  Am I just picky?  I don’t seem to mind them when I see them other places, and have even picked them out for a friend’s place & they look great..but I just can’t get in to them for my house.

What I have for the office are SANELA gray velvet curtains from IKEA.

sanela eyelet curtains ikea

Compare the above picture with the different pleats below.

Drapery 1_functional


Does anyone else get the same feeling about eyelets as I do?  Perhaps they look too casual for my liking?  I get the feeling of a college dorm room when I look at them.  OH! Maybe I could spraypaint the metal rings a brassy-gold to give it some maturity???  Hmmmm…Oh shoot I think I might have just added a project for the weekend.

I know this isn’t the most entertaining post in the world, but sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest statement in a room.  I am a firm believer that window treatments are the mascara and eyeliner a window needs to bring them to life.  Without them they just look cold, sad  & naked!

Now let me give IKEA a little love here.  I’m not the biggest fan of big box stores simply for the lack of originality, but I have absolutely zero problems with getting my curtains from IKEA.  Oh, and the hardware too!  Compared to any other store I’ve been to (I’m talking Target, Walmart, World Market, Bed Bath & Beyond…) their curtain rods are not just cheaper in price, but they are higher in quality than many rods that are at least double in price. So, just a tip–head to IKEA for your curtain hardware!

So if all goes as planned this weekend I’ll be putting the curtains up in the office, scraping the windows of excess paint, and arranging the furniture in the room.  Stay tuned!



First and foremost, did you see that Young House Love featured my kitchen on a Reader Redesign post?!  Uhhh…and John called my kitchen “killer”.  We can be friends now. Anyways, that was such a huge compliment and all of their readers have been super sweet with their comments.  I was slightly worried I’d get some of the nasty brave-behind-their-keyboards mean girls commenting, but there’s been none of that. Phew! I’m a newby at this blog thing and probably don’t have the thick skin that experienced bloggers do.  So thanks again, John & Sherry! :)


Soon enough I can call our downstairs FINISHED!  Well, not really…I don’t ever feel finished, even when a room is all put together.  BUT, what I mean is that we’re getting floors put in the rest of the downstairs on Monday!  That will be the last big-ticket item for the downstairs.

Some people have asked why I’m ripping out existing floors to put new ones in. The short answer is that I don’t want 5 different types of flooring in 5 different rooms that are all attached to one another.  This video may give you a better glimpse in to what I mean–you can see the funkiness of the 5 different floors.

[My loving husband just informed me that I broke the cardinal rule by not turning my phone horizontal to film the floors.  I apologize to all those I offended by sharing a vertical video 😉 I’ve learned my lesson and it will not happen again!]

We bought some beautiful hardwoods at Floor & Decor last week for $3.49/sqft…and I completely forgot to get a picture!!  Oops. They are Chinese Wormy Cherry–wormy–as in the tree had worms so there are worm-shaped grooves in the wood. Sounds weird; looks awesome.

If all goes as planned then I’ll be able to have a reveal post of the new floors sometime next week!!