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First and foremost, did you see that Young House Love featured my kitchen on a Reader Redesign post?!  Uhhh…and John called my kitchen “killer”.  We can be friends now. Anyways, that was such a huge compliment and all of their readers have been super sweet with their comments.  I was slightly worried I’d get some of the nasty brave-behind-their-keyboards mean girls commenting, but there’s been none of that. Phew! I’m a newby at this blog thing and probably don’t have the thick skin that experienced bloggers do.  So thanks again, John & Sherry! :)


Soon enough I can call our downstairs FINISHED!  Well, not really…I don’t ever feel finished, even when a room is all put together.  BUT, what I mean is that we’re getting floors put in the rest of the downstairs on Monday!  That will be the last big-ticket item for the downstairs.

Some people have asked why I’m ripping out existing floors to put new ones in. The short answer is that I don’t want 5 different types of flooring in 5 different rooms that are all attached to one another.  This video may give you a better glimpse in to what I mean–you can see the funkiness of the 5 different floors.

[My loving husband just informed me that I broke the cardinal rule by not turning my phone horizontal to film the floors.  I apologize to all those I offended by sharing a vertical video 😉 I’ve learned my lesson and it will not happen again!]

We bought some beautiful hardwoods at Floor & Decor last week for $3.49/sqft…and I completely forgot to get a picture!!  Oops. They are Chinese Wormy Cherry–wormy–as in the tree had worms so there are worm-shaped grooves in the wood. Sounds weird; looks awesome.

If all goes as planned then I’ll be able to have a reveal post of the new floors sometime next week!!

Kitchen Reveal

November 21, 2012 — 136 Comments

This is a long-awaited blog post!  (and a long-winded post…brace yourself)  It seems like months ago when the contractor was here with his guys transforming the kitchen.  In reality it’s been about 6 weeks since they left, but only 3 hours since I’ve declared the room “officialy” FINISHED!  ….for now:) (One of these days we’ll get to replace the current beat up floors with beautiful new tile!)

The last time I posted I talked about the top cabinets not being the correct white.  That was a huge bummer, but I recovered from my mistake and took the doors back to the cabinet guy to be repainted.  Thankfully he cut us a bit of a deal, but that meant it was up to me to paint everything except the doors…and that was fine by me!  It didn’t take long to paint the cabinets.  I just used a small foam roller and a high quality oil-based paint. Easy-peasy.

When the doors were finished being painted they looked great at the shop, but as soon as I got them home I noticed that they looked slightly blue.  Seriously.  Not even slightly joking. It was the most faint of a blue tint, but blue none the less.  I was so frustrated and beyond ready for things to be finished. I took the doors back to the cabinet guy and I can thankfully say that the 3rd time was a charm!

I took a ton of pictures & I hope you can get a good feel for what it looks like, but I always feel like pictures don’t do it justice!

Kitchen BEFORE

Kitchen After


Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Having the cabinet built to surround the refrigerator is hands-down the best decision I think I made in the kitchen.  The built-in look makes the room look so finished and luxurious.

Kitchen After

These industrial stools are from Home Goods.  I got them at a great deal of $80 each!

Kitchen After

Please ignore the bare flooring under the range.  Once we have saved up for new floors it will no longer be naked under there.

Kitchen After

Alex put my spice jars on top of the hood.  I’m not sure what I think of it.  I really like the functionality of it, and I’m a big believer that a kitchen should first and foremost be functional.  But sometimes it reminds me of dorm room living where you find any corner of space to use as storage, except that we have cabinets with plenty of room for storage. They stay for now.

Interesting fact: the spice jars were a wedding present to my mom and dad that they never opened. They were in my Grandaddy’s attic until recently.  I think they are so pretty!

Kitchen After

This is the view looking in to the living room.  I like that the little bit of chalk board wall compliments the walls in the living room.

Kitchen After

Kitchen After

Cambria Torquay

Check out those countertops.  They’re a quartz product by Cambria and the color is called Torquay.  It is such a low maintenance product which was the top reason for choosing it, but a close second was because it looks like Carrera marble!  It is a HUGE upgrade from the beige, 25 year old Formica countertops that were there before.

Kitchen After

Butcher Block Coffee Bar

A small butcher block counter space adds such a warm feel.  This space was originally a desk-height area which never got use except to drop mail and junk on.  We had a counter-height cabinet built with drawers that keeps all of our pots and pans now and is also our coffee station!

Framed Recipes

The three frames on the wall have handwritten recipes from a recipe book that my Aunt Judy made for me ten years ago.  The book is full of Kirk family favorites that have been passed around for generations.  It has become so important to me to keep memories of the Kirk family alive in my mind since there are no more surviving family members of my dad’s immediate family.

Framed Recipes

Aunt Judy had the most beautiful hand writing!

Kitchen After The curtains are all from Ikea.  The dining area feels so cozy now and we’re able to close the sheer panels for privacy.  The chandelier is from West Elm—it’s a bit funky, but I felt that the space needed a little funk!

Kitchen After Red door

Confession:  I really wanted to paint the lantry (laundry/pantry) door a green/yellow color…grellow, if you will.  Alex wasn’t having it though, so red was the compromise!  I had already bought the grellow paint, but thankfully there was some leftover paint from when the living room was done and we just used that.

Kitchen after red door

And a few Thanksgiving table scape pictures…

Thanksgiving Table Scape

Deer Napkins from Target

Aren’t these napkins awesome!  Target is kind of amazing.

Thanksgiving Table Scape

Other than new floors, the last thing that needs to be done is to add a console table in the space between the formal dining room (which will actually become Alex’s office. We decided our kitchen dining table was more than enough seating.) and the laundry room.

empty wall

I found one on Joss & Main the other day and snatched it up!  It should be here in a couple of weeks, but here’s a picture from the website:

 Joss & Main branch table

Isn’t it fun?  And yes, a little funky too!

So that’s that!  I’m so excited that it’s finished and that I can host a Thanksgiving for my family here on Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving!


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ve seen some progress pics of the kitchen.  The contractors were at my house for about 2 weeks on and off & I was so excited about how the kitchen was looking.  It wasn’t until everyone left and I sat in the kitchen just looking at everything that I noticed something…..a BIG something–the white cabinets weren’t actually white! They were more off-white and definitely did not look great with the backsplash tile which is a stark white subway tile.

I’ll be honest…I may have shed a tear.  I felt like a failure.

“Emily, don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic?” Yes, I am…or at least I was.  But in my defense, we had just dropped a lot of hard-earned money that we had been saving for a long time and it was my fault that the paint wasn’t right. I definitely don’t like screwing things up, but I guess a good dose of humility is never a bad thing.

I can certainly say that I learned a lot in doing this renovation.  In fact, I think I’ll write a post later about lessons learned so that maybe someone else can learn from my mistakes!


Alex talked with the cabinet guy and we’re getting them re-painted.  Thankfully it’s just the white that wasn’t right because it really isn’t that much to work with.  Just a few top cabinets. We’ll have the door fronts professionally sprayed with the CORRECT white, then I’ll foam roll the cabinets attached to the wall.

Here’s a picture of the trim painted in the correct white & the cabinets in the “wrong” white:

white & "white"

Hopefully by this time next week I’ll be able to say that the kitchen is FINISHED.  Fingers crossed!

In the mean time, here are a few more sneak peeks:

Chalkboard wall

Patio doors



Next post will be a BEFORE/AFTER of the finished product!