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Office in Progress

January 10, 2013 — 6 Comments

Okay, so I know I wrote this elaborate post about getting the guest bathroom renovated before Christmas so my mother-in-law would have a shiny new space to use when she visited us.

Well, it didn’t happen.  Womp, womp.

The estimate for the bathroom was about $1000 more than we want to spend so we held off.  I scrubbed the bathroom and shined it up as best I could, and now I’m setting the room aside–for now, of course.

New plan.

I have my husband to thank for this one:  finish the entire downstairs.  That sounds like a daunting task, but all that means is getting furniture for Alex’s to-be dining room turned office & new flooring everywhere downstairs except for the living room.

As Alex and I were doing some after Christmas shopping we came across some gorgeous, rich, sexy chairs at World Market.

World Market Essex Chair

These chairs make me feel like a grown up.

They were on sale, but still $360 each–a very pretty penny for us.  We both really loved them (which is actually a pretty rare occurrence) and we had some Christmas money to put towards them too, so we swiped them right up!  Fast forward two days later and I get an e-mail with my birthday coupon to World Market for 15% off!  I took my receipt to the store and got $108 back—and THAT is what’s up. Side not: my birthday isn’t until May.  WM thinks it’s in January.  It may or may not be my fault that they think that.

A few days later I found a great desk on Craigslist.  We’re going for a sophisticated space and an executive desk is what we feel help give it that feel.

Craigslist desk

Craigslist desk

(pics from craigslist ad)

That desk is crazy heavy, but we managed to get it put together and now I just need to clean it up and put some shine polish on it to smooth out some of the scratches.

Paint color is where I’m at now. I want a very masculine color, but not dark.  I’m thinking a smoky, beige-y, grayish ménage à trois.

I was thinking of Sherwin Williams Roycroft Mist Gray.  I just googled it to see if I could find a picture of it used in a room, and it happens to be what Layla used in their guest room/office!

SW Roycroft Mist Gray

This picture makes it seem like the paint has green undertones, so it may not be our pick after all, but I’ll see what the sample looks like for us.  Roycroft Mist Gray by SW

I’m really excited about this room.  It’s a small 12×12 space, but it can be something awesome if I can project in to action what I see in my head.




PROGRESS as a dining room


It may have taken me a year, but I have finally finished the dining table and chairs!  I never had a place for the table before moving in to our house so it just sat in my mom’s basement.  Then it sat in the basement in our house for a few months.  Next thing I know it’s Christmas time and I was supposed to host a dinner for my in-laws….and I had no where for them to sit.  Yes, that means all of our meals usually happen around our coffee table in the living room in front of the television. That’s a toughie to confess.

I bought a buffet on Craigslist that I wanted to paint and put in our old apartment (here’s the post about it).  When I called the man to “claim” the buffet (which was a steal at $100) he said that I was the first caller and I could come pick it up, but with one stipulation:  I had to take an old dining table, 6 chairs, and 2 side tables as well.  Ummmm…ok.  The side tables were nothing great, but I loved the dining table and chairs.

It took a lot longer than I thought, but I got to buy an electric sander (which I LOVE) and got many hours of practice with it.  Then I conquered my fear of staining (I had just never done it…the unknown often=fear) and was so happy at how easy it is!

Here’s the breakdown of how to re-finish a stained dining table with wood veneer top:

  1. Invest in a great electric sander.  We purchased a Dewalt from Home Depot on sale for $75.
  2. Sand the table top using a 50-150 grit sand paper until all the old stain is gone.  This may take a while.  Keep the sander moving so everything comes out even.  And for goodness sake, WEAR A MASK!  I did not and my lungs were very angry better. As a nurse, I knew better but ignored my common sense.  Nurse fail.
  3. Once all your surfaces are stain free using the 50-150 grit sand paper, go over all of the surfaces with a 220 grit sand paper.  This is very important preparation for re-staining the table.
  4. Wipe down the table with a damp cloth to remove all the dust.
  5. Now time to re-apply new stain.  I used Min Wax Jacobean 2750.  It is a dark stain with brown tones.
  • You can use a brush or a rag to apply the stain.  I chose to brush it on and wipe off with a clean, lint free, rag after letting it sit for 8 minutes.
  • Initially the stain bubbled a little bit, but i kept brushing it over and over again until the surface was smooth.
  • One coat may do the trick, but I ended up doing two to get the perfect color for what I wanted.

6.  Let the stain dry completely and then apply a good polyurethane top coat to protect the surface from food and drink spills.

 As far as covering the chairs:

Well, I didn’t take any pictures because my mom did them for me while I was staining.  I was in a major time crunch to finish the table!

  • The gray Ikat fabric I bought on etsy from The Needle Shop
  • We had to test the material to see if any of the original green fabric on the chairs would show through.  It didn’t! TIME SAVER! WOOHOO!
  • Here’s the list to cover the seats:

  1. Unscrew all the seats from the chairs (there are usually 4 screws. one in each corner).
  2. Use paper, fabric, etc. to make a pattern to cut out the fabric.  Make sure you cut your fabric a couple inches extra on each side so you have plenty of fabric to staple.
  3. Cut out the fabric using your pattern making sure that the pattern on your fabric is centered on the seat the way you like it.
  4. Staple, Staple, Staple.  A good staple gun is essential, especially with thicker fabrics.  It helps to have a helper with this–one person to pull and hold the fabric, another to staple.  It’s not necessary, but it’s certainly helpful.
  5. The sides are the easiest to staple, but when it comes to the corners it’s a little tricky.  My best advice: don’t be afraid of a lot of staples.  Keep puling it smooth and stapling.  Do this as many times as needed (most of my corners have 3-4 staples each).  It may look a little messy underneath, but who’s going to see that?

12×12 Dining Room

October 18, 2011 — 2 Comments

Who knew a 12×12 Dining Room would take me 3 weeks to finish.  Here’s a reminder of how the room has been slowly progressing:

I originally planned on it taking one Saturday to complete the entire room (except for floors).  I was way off.  But the good news is that with some loving pressure from my mom, we finished it together this past weekend.  When I say “finish” I don’t really mean FINISH…but it’s painted and looks pretty for now. 

We’re still living on plywood while saving up for floors.  Just imagine some beautiful dark walnut hardwoods in here!

I think my favorite part of the room right now is that I was able to salvage the ugly chandelier and update it with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  It went from ‘ewwwww’ to ‘ahhhhhh’ :)  Now that’s a great $7.50 fix!