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Just a quick progress post. Pardon the crappy phone pictures–it was Kennedy’s nap time and I was trying to get out of there as fast as possible. 

Gwen & Lily arrived a couple of days ago.


They are just taped up there in their plastic protective covering right now.  I need to find frames now to dress them up, but how adorable are they?!

The changing table area is quite a mess, but I’m making progress there too.  I plan on making some kind of thing to hold all of Kennedy’s bows, not that she can wear them yet, but she will someday!  It will be to the bottom-left of the mirror to help fill some of that dead space


Notice the other new art up there?

I found these two adorable vintage authentic Hummel prints at a local thrift shop a few months ago.  I didn’t know what I was going to do with them, but I couldn’t pass them up, especially for less than $3 each.

They came framed and I just spruced them up with some high gloss black paint.

I also picked up a few more room accessories at Target the other day.  Is there anything better than Target clearance?  Apparently I think that my checking account is bottomless so long as what I want is 50% off.


Okay, I wasn’t by myself, but Kennedy was sleeping most of the time and I did have an iced coffee in hand. I even kept to my budget and didn’t grab every single thing I wanted!  *you may applause me now*

But really, I got a few fun pieces for the room and I can taste the finish line!  So close to being finished!


Nursery re-do update

April 2, 2014 — 2 Comments

The big parts of the nursery are completed–painting, painting, painting…and stenciling.   Yep, stenciling!

Remember that time I had my mind set on spending $265 wallpaper for one tiny wall in my sweet little girl’s nursery?  Let’s just forget that ever happened.  I got as far as putting the beautiful Charcoal Dots wallpaper by Spoonflower in the cart and was getting ready to checkout when I realized that I just couldn’t do it.  I was about to spend 75% of my budget on one wall.  I knew that I needed more money for accessorizing and the prints from Etsy I’ve been drooling over, so what did I do?  Give up? No way, man. Not me.

Those who know me know that I am a very determined person, and once I have my mind set on something I WILL figure out a way to make it work.

Before I discovered the Spoonflower wallpaper I had my eye on this Tanzania wallpaper by Thibaut.



Gorgeous, no?  I found a local distributor and got a price from them of $45/roll (with a minimum of 4 rolls, which is exactly what I needed).  Then I looked closer at the print and realized that it wasn’t black on white, it was black on cream, and my vision this whole time has been for black and white.  So there went that idea.

Then, as I was looking at the Tanzania wallpaper inspiration pictures, I came across Pam’s blog, Simple Details. She also loved the Tanzania wallpaper but decided to do her own knock-off version by stenciling.  She stenciled a small entry way in her home and it looks great!  Instead of wallpapering she went with the Cheetah Spots Wall Stencil  by Royal Design Studio and tweaked with the design a little bit.  Check out her blog post to see exactly how she did it.


By this point I really liked the idea of stenciling, but I wasn’t 100% sold on this particular stencil.  I’m not sure what it was exactly, but I still liked the pattern of the Charcoal Dots wallpaper better.

I remembered that there was another major stencil company online and decided to see if they had anything to my liking, and by golly they did! I went from Cheetah Spots at Royal Design Studio to Leopard Skin at Cutting Edge Stencils.

Here they are side by side to see the comparison of the print:

The Leopard skin is offered as “Leopard allover large scale” or “Leopardall over small scale”.

Here are two pictures from the Cutting Edge Stencils website to show you the difference between the two sizes offered:

I piddled around in photoshop trying to see which print I liked the best, and for what I had in mind, the small print won me over.

I need to brag on Cutting Edge Stencils for a second–I purchased the stencil on a Monday night and first thing the next morning I have an email in my inbox from Cutting Edge advertising a 20% off everything sale. I was so bummed that I missed the sale by just a few hours! I knew it was a long shot, but I decided to reply to the promotional e-mail asking if I could have the 20% off my already purchased product.  Within minutes I received a reply that they would gladly refund me the discount!  So for great customer service (& a great product), I say thank you Cutting Edge Stencils!  And no, this was not a sponsored post.  They don’t have a clue who Emily is or what she does.


So there she is–my new “blank wall”.  I can’t wait for Gwen & Lily to arrive.  They’re going to love their new home above the crib.


Lenny the lamb is a fan of Kennedy’s new green chair.  I’m a fan too.  $2 consignment sale find makes me happy!

Then there’s this heavy brass sconce I snatched off craigslist a while back.  I want it to have a home in the nursery, but that’s still undecided.


I am thrilled with how the stenciled wall turned out and am antsy to finish the room now.  Hopefully I’ll be back soon with some more updates!


Kennedy is 4 months already!  I can hardly believe it!  It is definitely true what people say, though–hitting 3 months was a huge relief.  She started sleeping better, smiling, “talking”, and now she’s starting to giggle just a bit.  Apparently Alex and I aren’t that funny because she just kind of chuckles at us.

She had her 4 month check up last week and that came with another round of vaccines.  This time she got a fever and it broke my heart.   It wasn’t very high, but she was so sad looking for a bit.


How cute is that picture?  She NEVER rests her head on our chests or shoulders and she did on Alex for just a few seconds–talk about melting my heart.  She had a 100.5 temp…..and then we gave her a little Tylenol.



The Nursery.  Remember my idea board?

krm nursery mood board

The first step was to paint the nursery.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 4

Got that done over 2 days last week.  It took me two coats and 1.5 gallons of paint using Swan White by Glidden.  I’m much happier with this bright white and glad to see the beigeness gone.

I’ve ordered a sample of the wallpaper from Spoonflower and it is supposed to arrive today.  I’m excited to see if it’s going to look as good in person as I picture in my head!


I’ve e-mailed Ashley, the owner of the etsy shop with these darling prints.

I asked her if they could be made any larger than 8×10.  She said she could print them a little bigger, but they’d be double the cost.  I’m still figuring out if I need them to be bigger or not.  I’ll do some taping off on the walls soon to decide which size is best.  If I’ve learned one thing recently it’s that I’d rather save and spend money on bigger pieces than spend a little bit of money over and over again on lots of smaller pieces.  Something about one large piece of art really attracts my eye rather than a bunch of small pieces for this room.

Then there’s this darling little chair I bought at a consignment sale for $2.  She’s getting a new coat of paint in a fun color!

I’m watching for the mailman all day so I can get my wallpaper sample!