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I just got back from a wonderful vacation with my whole family to Cape San Blas in Florida. I sure do miss sitting on the hammock on the deck listening to the ocean!  Although, I don’t miss Kennedy’s terrible sleep schedule while we were down there.

Anywho, I’m home and back to work. I finally narrowed down my paint choice for the vanity: Sherwin Williams Georgian Bay. I just put the first coat on…and quickly remembered that the first coat is always a little scary when using colorful paint.


It’s still wet in this picture.  When it dries it’s a calmer blue; not quite as bright.  You can see some of the primer through the blue too because I chose to do thin coats.  I’ve read over and over that that’s the way to go when painting wood.

After reading several bloggers rave about Sherwin Williams ProClassic paint I chose to go that route too with this vanity.  Mandy from Vintage Revivals used it on a chest of drawers and it looks flawless.  I know that using oil-based paint is the preferred method for cabinetry, but with a little baby in the house I just can’t deal with those kinds of fumes.  I’m using the ProClassic Latex paint in a satin finish & will give you my full review after I’m finished.  I hope I have great things to say about it!!!

I’m going to buy the same knobs and pulls I have in my kitchen since I love them so much and they’re the perfect aged brass look I’m going for.

I’m dying inside a little over the fact that I can’t get a new countertop anytime soon. Is this where I insert the #firstworldproblems??? I just have to remind myself to keep moving forward with what I’ve got and make it work!

Alright, time to get back to work.  Wish me luck!



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Alright, we started with this:

We’re currently like this:
Here’s what I plan on doing:

SKIM COAT THE WALLS:    I really screwed up here.  I started peeling off wallpaper that had been primed over and royally ripped in to the sheetrock all over the place.  Go me!  I researched and researched how to skim coat walls and the consensus was that it’s not an easy job to perfect.  I envisioned myself spending hours upon hours, days upon days, only to be frustrated at my less than perfect job.  So what did I do?  I reached out on my neighborhood’s facebook page to see if there was a handyman near by that could do the job.  Thankfully I got a response right away and met a new neighbor in the process!  He’s sending someone over next week to do the job.  It will take 3 days of sanding, mudding, drying, etc. and $200.  Worth every penny!

PAINT THE VANITY & add brass hardware:  some shade of navy blue or gray/blue.  Here are my inspiration pics.

04 source

neverland source

PAINT THE WALLS: I’m thinking of going with the same color as our master bathroom. It’s a very light neutral, but not white.  Even with the same paint color and the same shower tiles, the two bathrooms are very different, so I’m not worried about them looking the same.


KEEP THE MIRROR: Getting a new mirror just isn’t in the budget right now so I’m going to make do with what I have.  I may frame it out, but I’ve seen so many framed out mirrors that look cheap so I’m a little concerned about going that route. I think if it’s done right it can look great, I just need to figure out what doing it “right” actually means for me.

COUNTERTOP: Gulp. I’m keeping the gold, cultured marble countertop.  Hopefully somewhere down the road we can save some cash to replace it with a carrera marble top, but for now I’m going to rock the 80′s countertop and make it work!

NEW LIGHT:  Is there really an explanation needed for this?

SHELF OVER THE TOILET:  Again, no explanation needed.

SHOWER CURTAIN:  Make a curtain-like shower curtain.

double-shower-curtain source

 Down the road, along with the new vanity top, I want to do some board and batten in there, but that’s just going to have to come later.

This bathroom will be the bathroom that guests use when they come to stay with us, but it’s also going to be our kid’s bathroom so my goal is to make it light and crisp feeling, but add enough color so it doesn’t fancy or sterile.  I’m thinking the blue/gray vanity will do just that.


One lesson I continue to learn in home renovations is that it always costs more than I think it will.

With that being said, when we decided to do our master bath renovation we figured we could just get the guest bath done as well since it wouldn’t be as much of an overhaul as the master.

Unfortunately, despite our savings plan, the costs ended up being more than we saved so I decided for the guest bath to only have the contractor do the jobs that we couldn’t eventually do ourselves:  floor leveling and tiling, new tub & plumbing, tile surrounding tub.  That left us with ugly wallpaper & a dated vanity with an ugly countertop.

Here are some true BEFORE pictures:




This isn’t just an “it looks bad; we need to change it” thing.  There was a plumbing problem behind the wall of the shower that caused constant dripping of the bath faucet, which in turn caused rust on the fixtures & constant mold.  The vanity countertop is a manufactured “marble” that’s yellow/gold with rust stains as well.  I think the faucet is actually rusted in place.

 I purchased a new sink, faucet, and vanity light LAST JUNE & they’re just sitting in the attic in their pretty unopened boxes.  The only thing I need to buy is a new countertop for the vanity, then I can install the new vessel sink and faucet. I really want a stone countertop–preferably carrera. That little bit of elegance of using carrera can go a long way in such a small space.  I plan on giving the vanity a facelift with some paint rather than purchasing a new one.  It’s actually already primed I just need to decide on a color.

I really should set a deadline for this so it’s not a year from now when it gets done.  But that’s real life and sometimes things just take time.

Here’s the room as of today:  image_2

I may have mentioned that I was going to paint over the wallpaper in this room.  Obviously I’m not.

The wallpaper was already pealing in some places so I got an itch one day and just started pealing.

Stupid itch.

Just like every other wall in this house, there were 2 layers of wallpaper & unlike other rooms, the former owners primed over the original layer of wallpaper like you’re supposed to….but unfortunately that makes it stupid hard for me to get off.  Or maybe I’m the stupid one for even picking away at it in the first place.

ANYWAYS, once I started there was no going back.  So here I am down to sheetrock in most places with a lot of damage to repair before I can paint.  I know that prepping the walls is the most important step, but it’s so hard to not want to rush things and just paint.  Patience, young one….or should I say almost 30-year old one?!

Now that the nursery is completed, this bathroom will have my full attention.  I’m being very intentional about starting and finishing one room before moving on to another right now–something that’s against my nature.

Here are my inspiration pictures for what I may do in the room:

5f0510004608ebe2f06e1c090f6581a3 source

97d252b1dc870f341a1669112d0b7d1a source


96309be59eb4b97f2e28487e4a320177 source