Dining Room, Our First Home,

12×12 Dining Room

Who knew a 12×12 Dining Room would take me 3 weeks to finish.  Here’s a reminder of how the room has been slowly progressing:

I originally planned on it taking one Saturday to complete the entire room (except for floors).  I was way off.  But the good news is that with some loving pressure from my mom, we finished it together this past weekend.  When I say “finish” I don’t really mean FINISH…but it’s painted and looks pretty for now. 

We’re still living on plywood while saving up for floors.  Just imagine some beautiful dark walnut hardwoods in here!

I think my favorite part of the room right now is that I was able to salvage the ugly chandelier and update it with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  It went from ‘ewwwww’ to ‘ahhhhhh’ 🙂  Now that’s a great $7.50 fix!



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OMG! It’s lookin’ SO GOOOOOOD! We’ll be in your neck of the woods November 11th…wanna hang out?

Layla 🙂



Thanks! Things are moving slowly…but they’re moving:)

We’d love to hang out! Just give me a call when it gets closer and we’ll meet up…on 11/11/11 🙂


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